What About Mask Recipe For Oily Skin – homemade mask recipe

image: © Valua Vitaly

image: © Valua Vitaly

What About Mask Recipe For Oily Skin 

Most people have oily skin. This type of skin is usually very shiny. This is especially true on the T-zone. There are many ways of testing whether one has an oily skin.

One way of doing is by pressing a paper napkin on your forehead. This paper is normally soaked in oil when pulled. Well, there truth of the matter is that this can be quite annoying.

One of the best attributes about this type of skin is the fact that it normally ages way much better than dry skin.

A weekly treatment using a face mask comes in handy. This really helps get rid of dirt and oil. The mistake most people make is thinking that the only solution to their oily faces is using store or over the counter solutions to get rid of oil.

The good thing is that you can come up with homemade mask recipe for oily skin. Unlike solutions stocked on store shelves, homemade masks do not have harsh chemicals that can be quite detrimental to your face.

Homemade mask recipe for oily skin

You can use neem to create face pack. Neem tree brings with it healing nature especially when it comes to oily skins and those affected by bacteria. Take four fresh neem leaves and one teaspoon lemon juice or rose water. Crush these leaves by adding rose water/lemon juice and make a paste. Ensure you apply the face mask as you focus on the oily part. After this, rinse your face with Luke warm water.

Another Homemade mask recipe for oily skin

Honey face mask is also a very effective solution for oily skin. The only condition one should always be aware when using honey is to ensure that he or she is not allergic. Always ensure you take 100% pure honey and which is organic.


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