How to Choose the Right Heels for Comfort

How to Choose the Right Heels for Comfort We all love shoe shopping and heels are one of my favorite things to wear. How would you love it if you are asked to wear them all the time? Well, many of us won’t because they think heels make their feet painful and many are afraid of wearing them. We have ... Continue Reading →

How to Dress for the Monsoons

How to Dress for the Monsoons It’s the time of year we all look forward to, loving the rains after the humidity and sultriness of the summer. We anxiously await the monsoons, with their promise of rain to bring the temperature down. The problem is, when the rain floods the roads, and makes wearing ... Continue Reading →

Beach Garb Ideas for Women

Beach Garb Ideas for Women The summer is here, and if you’re lucky you can spend some of the time at the beach. Whether it’s swimming or sun bathing, the beach is the place to be. Make sure you have a swim suit that fits you properly, one that is not too tight and not too loose on you, as ... Continue Reading →

Dressing for the Prom

Dressing for the Prom Every girl (and maybe guy) dreams of their big chance to go to the prom. Let’s say you’ve been asked to go to the prom with that certain guy you have had your eye on, and you have just accepted. Now comes the time for thought – what do you wear? How do you do your ... Continue Reading →

How to Dress Formally

How to Dress Formally  You just got a new job, at a nice corporate office and you don’t know what you should wear, or what the standard dress code is? Well here are a few simple tips to help you fit in and look the part you want. Depending on what your job is there will be different requirements ... Continue Reading →