How To Take Care of Dry and Splitting Nails

How To Take Care of  Dry and Splitting Nails If your nails are really dry and split easily, here are a few simple homemade masks to help them to be softer and stop splitting so easily. The masks can be made from simple ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. Heat up enough olive oil ... Continue Reading →

Get some tips for How to Keep Your Nails Perfectly Every Day

How to Keep Your Nails Perfect Every Day Whether you have short nails or long nails, you need to keep them looking perfect. But how you say, do you do that? Well, here are a few tips to keeping them looking perfect and lovely. You will need a few important items, a nail file, a nail clipper, some lotion ... Continue Reading →

How to do a French Manicure

How to do a French Manicure You want to do a manicure by yourself, but have no idea of a nice simple nail polish combination? Or how to do the manicure, well here are a few simple tips. You will need a few things first, warm water, soap, towel, nail clippers and nail file, nude nail polish, white nail ... Continue Reading →

Easy Four Step Manicure

Easy Four Step Manicure Your hands feel all scratchy and you want to get a manicure, but it is either too late in the day to go out, or you don’t have the ready cash to pay for one, well, look no further there is an easy solution to that problem. All you need is finger nail polish remover, finger ... Continue Reading →

Making Your Own Style Statement

Making Your Own Style Statement As a child you didn’t have to worry about what you wore, because your parents normally chose your clothes for you, but as you grew up you had to have started thinking, what are my parents dressing me, and that’s part of the process to start buying your own ... Continue Reading →