Tips on Carrying off Bright Lipsticks

Tips on Carrying off Bright Lipsticks Picture this: you’re wearing a fantastic, bond shade of lipstick, and everyone is staring at you… but not in admiration but in horror. You might not know it, but we have a fantastic selection of bright colors of lipsticks on offer, which you can wear, but with ... Continue Reading →

Tips on applying lipstick

Tips on applying lipstick There are so many different lipsticks available these days, it would be a shame to not wear them, and by not knowing how to wear them. There are different ways to wear different colors. There are a few simple things you will need to have on hand to apply them properly. You ... Continue Reading →

Lip Balm Colors for Teenagers

Lip Balm Colors for Teenagers As a teenager you are probably just starting to experiment with make-up, or have been wearing it for some time, depending on what your parents have allowed. But I’m sure you have been allowed to use lip balms before, but you probably have wondered which ones are good ... Continue Reading →

How to wear red lipstick

How to wear red lipstick If you are like me, you will have wondered exactly how red lipstick will look on you, and will it suit you at all? And if it does, how do you apply it properly so it looks good and not tacky? There are a few things you will need before you can proceed. You need a soothing scrub, ... Continue Reading →

How to Dress for a First Date

How to Dress for a First Date Imagine going out on a first date, and the guy dropping you because of the way you presented yourself! Ouch! You ever had a first date that you are so looking forward to, but are unsure what to wear? Here are some easy tips to dressing appropriately. You don’t want ... Continue Reading →