Face and Body Scrubs

Face and Body Scrubs There are quite a few good scrubs out in the market, but if none of them works for you there are a number of combinations you can make at home and use. The most important ingredients being olive oil and sugar make sure the sugar is of a fine grain so that it doesn’t scratch ... Continue Reading →

Homemade Scrubs with the Best Natural Ingredients

Sugar scrub As fundamental as homemade scrubs could get but yet extremely effective, an ordinary sugar scrub is probably the most pocket-friendly spa-like cure one can treat herself with. Use fine white sugar or brown as well as coconut; olive or any vegetable based oil at hand, mixing them at a ratio ... Continue Reading →

What About Mask Recipe For Oily Skin – homemade mask recipe

What About Mask Recipe For Oily Skin  Most people have oily skin. This type of skin is usually very shiny. This is especially true on the T-zone. There are many ways of testing whether one has an oily skin. One way of doing is by pressing a paper napkin on your forehead. This paper is normally soaked ... Continue Reading →

Hair Masks For Dry Scalp

Hair Masks For Dry Scalp Does your scalp feel itchy, dry and is flaky? If so, then you have dry scalp! Here are a few simple hair masks you can make at home to help get some relief. They are really easy to make and normally just need a few simple items you will most likely already have at home. First ... Continue Reading →

Homemade Face Masks for Oily Skin

Homemade Face Masks for Oily Skin If you have oily skin it can be hard to find a decent face mask that will not leave your skin too oily, but at the same time won’t take away too much of the oil. If you have tried all of the ones that are on the market, and none work there are quite a few good ... Continue Reading →