Skin Care Tips That Works For All Skin Types

image: ©mast3r / Fotolia

image: ©mast3r / Fotolia

Skin Care Tips That Works For All Skin Types

There are different types of skins; the oily, the dry, the sensitive, the smooth and the rough and we all fall into one or a blend of those categories. There are different approaches towards taking care of all the skin types but there are skin care tips that are common to all skin types. For a healthy looking skin, you have to take note of the following;

  1. Avoid exposing your skin to the sun

The sun has the same ugly effect on all skin types and you need to protect yourself from it. The sun sends down a couple of rays including the UV rays which can cause your skin to wrinkle or give different shades to different parts of your skin. The ways you can protect yourself from the sun includes;

  • Using an umbrella: an umbrella above your head can help shield your skin from the harsh rays of the sun.
  • Sunscreen: if you must go to the beach on a sunny day, don’t forget to carry your sunscreen. Applying it over your body will throw off some of the rays reaching your skin.
  • Clothes: covering your body properly with thick clothes can also be helpful.
  1. Eat healthy

What happens on the skin to a large extent reflects what goes on inside your body. Avoid filling your system with lots of junks. A little vegetable and fruits will keep your skin nourished and supple because they are a rich store of essential vitamins needed by the skin. Don’t forget to drink a good volume of water every day to keep your skin hydrated.

  1. Use a moisturizing lotion if your skin is too dry

There are some people with extremely dry skin. Their skin appears chaffed and scaly most of the time. If you fall within this category, you may need extra effort to give your skin the desired look. Your best bet would be a moisturizing lotion. There are many to select from or if you feel confused then you may consult your dermatologist who can help you make the right selection.

  1. A gentle wash with a mild soap can do the trick

Sensitive skin becomes easily scared and a number of beauty products that may work perfectly for other skin types may present you with redness, rashes, inflammations, dilated capillaries and acne or a combination of a good number of them. Gently washing your skin with clean water and a mild soap is often more soothing that trying any of the beauty products.

  1. Exercise and rest will help your skin

Having a good exercise a couple of hours every week is not only good for your health as doctors will always advice; it is also a good skin care tip that many people neglect. Aerobic exercise will make you sweat and burn excess calories but what is more important is that the sweating will push out the dirt and waste products of the body that normally clog the sweat pores.


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