How to Dress Formally

image: © kichatof / Fotolia

image: © kichatof / Fotolia

How to Dress Formally 

You just got a new job, at a nice corporate office and you don’t know what you should wear, or what the standard dress code is? Well here are a few simple tips to help you fit in and look the part you want.

Depending on what your job is there will be different requirements in what you need to wear, if you work at BPO you could dress a bit more casual and get away with it, while if you work at a corporate office you will need to dress formally.

First, you should always find out what the dress requirements are for the office, some have a bit more of a casual, but not super casual, dress code, while other’s have a more strict dress code.

You can wear nice pants and a dress shirt, or a skirt with the same shirt. You can wear a nice shirt, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a button down shirt, any sort of nice shirt, not a tee shirt, will be acceptable.

Don’t wear jeans, but choose nice linen pants, or something of the same quality. Also, pair it with a nice pair of shoes, or heels, avoid sneakers as they won’t be allowed. Don’t wear anything that will show a lot of skin to work.

Pair the clothes with a nice bag or purse, not a backpack, where you can fit all of your needed items. Take care with your accessories, don’t wear the cheap stuff to work, it will look tacky with your nice dress clothes.

Make sure that all the items you wear to work scream professional, including your make-up, and it will make it easier to be professional.

Remember, avoid dressing casually, unless you have a day where dressing casually is permitted by the office.


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