How to Dress for the Monsoons

image: © Carlson / Fotolia

image: © Carlson / Fotolia

How to Dress for the Monsoons

It’s the time of year we all look forward to, loving the rains after the humidity and sultriness of the summer. We anxiously await the monsoons, with their promise of rain to bring the temperature down.

The problem is, when the rain floods the roads, and makes wearing your normal clothes virtually impossible, what exactly do you wear in the end? Here’s our expert advice.

First, wear a sensible pair of shoes. Avoid wearing sneakers as they have a tendency to get soaked and thereby getting your socks wet, and you have to walk around making horrible squishing sounds.

They also will take a considerable amount of time to dry out.  Wear a pair of open toe shoes, or sandals. Simple plastic ones are the best since they will be easy to rinse off and are pretty cheap.

Second, wear short length pants like capris, shorts, or short skirts. Wearing shorter items during this time prevents the hems from touching the ground and getting wet and dirty. It also makes it easier to bypass the puddles and even walking in the puddles and mud, if required.

Along with this, make sure you wear really thin clothes, so that if you get soaked through, wearing thin and light clothing will help you to dry out faster. And most importantly, don’t forget your accessories.

I know, you are thinking why do you need to worry about your accessories during the monsoon, but I promise you it’s required. Make sure to always carry an umbrella in case you get stuck in a nasty downpour.

Another good idea is to get a bag that you don’t mind getting wet, like a jute bag that has a plastic lining inside is always a good idea, since they are cheap and can be replaced easily.


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