How to Dress for a First Date

image: © Monika 3 Steps Ahead / Fotolia

image: © Monika 3 Steps Ahead / Fotolia

How to Dress for a First Date

Imagine going out on a first date, and the guy dropping you because of the way you presented yourself! Ouch!

You ever had a first date that you are so looking forward to, but are unsure what to wear? Here are some easy tips to dressing appropriately. You don’t want to overdress or not dress up enough for a date.

  • The most important thing about how to dress for a date is to know what sort of activity you will be doing, so always make sure to ask the one planning the date how you should dress.

If he tells you to dress in a particular way, keep that in mind. However, do not entertain anything inappropriate, unless you are comfortable with it.

  • If one is just hanging out at someone’s house you can wear whatever you like, as long as you feel comfortable. An outdoor activity means that jeans and a t-shirt with sneakers would be sufficient, and if it’s colder weather, make sure to bring along a sweater or a coat.

Try not to do anything super fancy with your hair, maybe just a ponytail or left down. Pair this with soft simple make-up, nothing over the top, and if nothing else, just wear mascara. Guys like knowing that you did something for them.

  • Dressier occasions call for a nice dress, or skirt and shirt, with nice shoes. Also, make sure to do your hair in a nice way instead of just leaving it down, and wear a bit of make-up, at least some mascara and lip gloss or lipstick.

For a more formal occasion, such as prom or a dance, make sure you have a nice formal dress, nice shoes, and your hair and make-up are done up. For this occasion you can go for a more intense, dramatic make-up if you like.


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