How to do a French Manicure

image: © Zoja / Fotolia

image: © Zoja / Fotolia

How to do a French Manicure

You want to do a manicure by yourself, but have no idea of a nice simple nail polish combination? Or how to do the manicure, well here are a few simple tips.

You will need a few things first, warm water, soap, towel, nail clippers and nail file, nude nail polish, white nail polish and some nail guides.

First you need to clean up your nails, you can do this by combining warm water with a small amount of soap and soak your hands in the mixture for a few minutes.

Make sure that you wash your hands when you are done. Next step, make sure all the dirt is clean from underneath your nails, and if you wish you can file your nails before you put the polish on.

This is important, don’t try to shape the fingernails after you put the nail polish on as it will ruin the manicure.

Take a nude nail polish and apply one layer and let that layer dry, and then apply another layer. Let that dry and after that dries take the nail guides (you can buy them or you can make them out of sticky paper or something that won’t pull up the nail polish) and apply them to the fingernails.

When they have been applied take the white nail polish and paint it over the nail guides, but on the tip of the nail, not the bottom of the nail. Let this dry and then remove the nail guides. You may need to put on a few layers to get the depth you want.

This is a simple and very nice manicure that can be used for any occasion, whether formal or informal, for a date or for a wedding. It fits every occasion. It is easy, can be done under half an hour, and extremely neat.



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