Homemade Scrubs with the Best Natural Ingredients

image:  © Valua Vitaly /Fotolia

image: © Valua Vitaly /Fotolia

Sugar scrub

As fundamental as homemade scrubs could get but yet extremely effective, an ordinary sugar scrub is probably the most pocket-friendly spa-like cure one can treat herself with. Use fine white sugar or brown as well as coconut; olive or any vegetable based oil at hand, mixing them at a ratio of 2:1.

Raw honey scrub
Raw honey doe crystallize quite quickly, revolving into an unbelievable, mild, universal and most significantly, a super nourishing scrub one doesn’t even have to worry making. All one has to do is just scoop an amount of it up, rub down onto the parched lips, scratched skin, coarse elbows and knees and it is done!

Nourishing scrub for sensitive skin
This is an easy to make, entirely natural homemade perfect for all ladies with sensitive skin that can be used without any fears of consequences. Simply mix oil and sugar at a 1:2 blend a cucumber and then mix together. Gently rub it in, sit for some minutes and get pleasure from your glowing, soft and exfoliated, skin.

Clarifying salt mask
This is perfect for that oily and break prone skin. It will cleanse the skin meticulously, leaving it glowing and fresh. Just add one part of olive oil and two parts of salt and stir in a big slice of fine mashed ripe pineapple.
Invigorating green tea scrub
A couple of tablespoons of strong tea cold, mixed up with sufficient white sugar and some honey to make a deep, rough paste will give one with an ideal scrub to test during the next do-it-yourself spa day.

Brightening strawberry scrub
For a brighter complexion, mix sugar and oil at a ratio of 1:2, mix-up some ripe strawberries and enjoy an imaginative DIY product that leaves the face fresh, bright and soft.


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