Great summer Nail Polish Color Pairings

image: © Africa Studio / Fotolia

image: © Africa Studio / Fotolia

Great summer Nail Polish Color Pairings

You either have short nails or long nails, depending on your ability to keep them long. But one thing we can agree on is girls like nail polish on their fingers!

Whether it’s the summer, or winter, one can never have a wrong color, and today we would love to discuss pairing one or more colors.

There are so many things you can do with nail polish, and pairing them is one such thing. If you find two colors that you love, and you can’t decide you can many designs with them.

Mix your bold, bright nail polish colors with the pastel colors. Use black or white nail polish as a base and then paint designs with bright colors.

Or use a lighter color as the base and the darker one as the design.The choices are endless, and you will actually end up with summery, fun nails which people would love to ask after.

For the summer, bright colors are in, and so are pastel shades! Any color you choose can be perfect on you. Just avoid the really dark colors, and the colors that are meant for holidays, such as dark red and plummy shades, that signify Christmas and winter much more than summer.But that’s not a hard and fast rule, so wear them if you please, but for the fun of it, pair your nail colors to really set them off.

Mix a bright, bold orange with a vibrant, electric green with amazing designs, or go with a pale lilac shade which can be totally transformed by adding hints of neon shades.

The key is to keep everything from going overboard. You can wear the colors of the leaves of this season – all dark and light shades of green.

The color of grass, green, or the color of the sky and the sea, shades of blue that will look great on the nails. Also, you can use the colors purple, pink, and other colors that signify the many flowers.


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