Here is a simple way to do a foot spa at home

image: © photosoup / Fotolia

image: © photosoup / Fotolia

Give Yourself a Foot Spa!

Your feet are so rough and they feel like sand paper, but yet you don’t what to go out and get a pedicure, foot spa, or you are low on funds. Well, here is a simple way to do a foot spa at home.

There are a few things you will need before you can proceed. You will need a basin big enough to soak both of your feet, some lotion, nail polish, finger nail clippers, a foot file, a scrub (any sort will do), and a foot mask.

We would recommend something which has a cooling effect, which would leave your feet smelling lovely.

Fill the basin up with hot (or warm if you prefer) soapy water and soak your feet until the water becomes cool, this helps the skin to become soft and supple.

Before the water becomes cool take each foot, one at a time, and rub the bottom of it with the foot file to get off the excess dead skin, leaving the other foot in the water. Once you have soaked enough, remove your feet and use a towel to dry them. Take your nail clipper and clip your nails.

Next you will need a new basin of water, once you have that you will need to rub your feet down with the scrub, rubbing hard to get off all the dead skin from your skin.

Once you have done this, its time to apply a soothing foot mask. Let it get naturally absorbed to the skin, and let your feet dangle in air during this time.

A soothing, cooling foot mask will ensure your feet looking much better afterwards. Use clean water to remove the mask once done, and apply lotion afterwards. You can also apply nail polish if you so want.


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