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Image: © mr.markin

Image: © mr.markin /

Tips For Perfect Winged Eyeliner

The eyeliner is back with a bang, and the current rage involves the dramatic 70s winged cat liners and amazing kitten eyes, and the seductive little flip at the edge of your eyes. Want to do something similar, which would look amazing

but is dead easy? You would need your favorite eyeliner and an eye liner brush, or you can use the applicator of the eyeliner.We recommend MAC 209 or 210 if you want the perfect eyeliner brush that works well with liquid eyeliners or you can use MAC 266 if you are working with gel liners.

At first, check how your bottom lash line is angled. Use the end of the liner brush to align with the bottom lash line and watch how it goes upwards. Once you have this measure in your hand, the next step is to apply liner on your

upper eyelid on a thin line. Stop at the point where the upper lash line ends. Now, using the lower lash line as a reference, draw a slight curve upwards from the end of the upper lash line in a 45 degree angle.

Now, using the same eye liner brush, draw a line from the top of the wing to the middle of your upper lash line, making a curve which is not very thick, to make a thin triangle.

Fill the triangle up with more eyeliner if that is required, you can make the triangle as thick or thin as you like, depending upon your wish. Once you have done so, you will see a perfect wing formed. Repeat with the other eye.

Once the liner dries out, you can then apply mascara, and also add some kohl in the lower lash line to really make the look stand out.


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