Foot Care Tips For Rainy Seasons

Image: ©Dmitry Sunagatov -

Image: ©Dmitry Sunagatov –

 Foot Care Tips For  Rainy Seasons

The rainy season brings a lot of rain and can help to cool down the temperature but it also brings mud and water logging. This mostly affects our feet, there are a few ways to keep your feet clean

and healthy during the monsoons. You can take good care of your feet by wearing sensible shoes and making sure your feet are clean and healthy.

Firstly, wear a pair of open toed shoes because they don’t soak up as much water as sneakers and other types of shoes will.

Wearing sneakers that have gotten soaked, also means you are likely wearing socks, which have also been soaked through. This is bad for your feet as they will spend too much time in the dirty water and will get all wrinkly and dirty.

Make sure that you have no open wounds on your feet, make sure to cover them as best as you can with band-aids or medical tape, something that is preferably water proof. This is required so that the bacteria and other germs that are in the water and mud do not get in and get your wounds infected.

Also take care that every time you come in from the house that you rinse your feet and wash them with a good soap as to take off the dirt and germs, so you don’t pass them around to the furniture, which could possibly cause other problems. Make sure that you regularly trim and clean out the dirt and mud from under your toenails.

You can also use a nice foot scrub once a week or so to make sure that you are deep cleaning the pores on your feet to keep them nice and clean. Mix some sugar, salt and olive oil and scrub away the dirt!


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