Face and Body Scrubs

image: © Lev Dolgatsjov - /Fotolia

image: © Lev Dolgatsjov – /Fotolia

Face and Body Scrubs

There are quite a few good scrubs out in the market, but if none of them works for you there are a number of combinations you can make at home and use.

The most important ingredients being olive oil and sugar make sure the sugar is of a fine grain so that it doesn’t scratch your face and body.

 You can use so many other combinations, like lemon, avocado, or essentially whatever you want to use. There are so many options. It all depends on what you want to use.

There are certain combinations that are used for certain problems, like blackheads, or uneven pigment or sunspots. The options are endless.

 One main one is, if you like the smell of coffee, a coffee scrub. You simply mix coffee grounds, olive oil and sugar. For blackhead removal you would mix together sugar, baking soda, and water. For uneven skin color you can mix papaya and sugar. You can essentially mix any fruit, or vegetable, you want and mix it with some sugar and water and use it as a face scrub.

 You simply put it on after you have made the combination, and massage it into your skin, gently, and wash it off with warm water. When it comes to the face, gentleness is essential for your face skin get cleaned up without any harm. Do not scrub too hard.

 There are so many benefits to this, one of them being that these home-made scrubs do not contain any sort of chemical and therefore will be easier on your face than those with chemicals. Also, these can be adapted to change your face on that particular day or time. They are also going to be cheaper to buy, as most of the ingredients will be able to be found in your kitchen.


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