Skin Care Tips That Works For All Skin Types

Skin Care Tips That Works For All Skin Types There are different types of skins; the oily, the dry, the sensitive, the smooth and the rough and we all fall into one or a blend of those categories. There are different approaches towards taking care of all the skin types but there are skin care tips that ... Continue Reading →

Face and Body Scrubs

Face and Body Scrubs There are quite a few good scrubs out in the market, but if none of them works for you there are a number of combinations you can make at home and use. The most important ingredients being olive oil and sugar make sure the sugar is of a fine grain so that it doesn’t scratch ... Continue Reading →

Homemade Scrubs with the Best Natural Ingredients

Sugar scrub As fundamental as homemade scrubs could get but yet extremely effective, an ordinary sugar scrub is probably the most pocket-friendly spa-like cure one can treat herself with. Use fine white sugar or brown as well as coconut; olive or any vegetable based oil at hand, mixing them at a ratio ... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Aloevera – Fictions or Facts?

Benefits of Aloevera – Fictions or Facts? Aloe Vera has become a very trendy herbal treatment these days. Lotions and creams that contain aloe vera have been used to treat minor scrapes and sun burns; and also to just moisturize dry skin. The early Egyptians used Aloe Vera for the same purposes. It ... Continue Reading →

Foot Care Tips For Rainy Seasons

 Foot Care Tips For  Rainy Seasons The rainy season brings a lot of rain and can help to cool down the temperature but it also brings mud and water logging. This mostly affects our feet, there are a few ways to keep your feet clean and healthy during the monsoons. You can take good care of your feet ... Continue Reading →