Get Free Tips For Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Tips For Perfect Winged Eyeliner The eyeliner is back with a bang, and the current rage involves the dramatic 70s winged cat liners and amazing kitten eyes, and the seductive little flip at the edge of your eyes. Want to do something similar, which would look amazing but is dead easy? You would need ... Continue Reading →

Tips on Carrying off Bright Lipsticks

Tips on Carrying off Bright Lipsticks Picture this: you’re wearing a fantastic, bond shade of lipstick, and everyone is staring at you… but not in admiration but in horror. You might not know it, but we have a fantastic selection of bright colors of lipsticks on offer, which you can wear, but with ... Continue Reading →

Tips to Shape Eyebrows at Home

Tips to Shape Eyebrows at Home It’s not always required to thread your eyebrows, especially if the pain is too much for you, or your eyes or eyebrow area gets irritated after threading. You can also do this if you are short on time or money. You can always tweeze and shape your own eyebrows at ... Continue Reading →

Tips on applying lipstick

Tips on applying lipstick There are so many different lipsticks available these days, it would be a shame to not wear them, and by not knowing how to wear them. There are different ways to wear different colors. There are a few simple things you will need to have on hand to apply them properly. You ... Continue Reading →

Tip to Contour Your Face

Tip to Contour Your Face Contouring face seems to be a trial to many. Truthfully speaking, how many of you can really contour your face? Not too many can proudly say they know how to. But, the truth is, contouring your face is nothing different! You would just have to know what suits you and what does ... Continue Reading →