Eight Easy Tips to Keep Your Body in Shape

Eight Easy Tips to Keep Your Body in Shape Who really has time to exercise, right? We say we do, and these simple exercises will keep your body fit and beautiful easily. We have found out that these are the best ways to keep you beautiful, slim and healthy without too many added issues. Try them today! Jogging ... Continue Reading →

Face and Body Scrubs

Face and Body Scrubs There are quite a few good scrubs out in the market, but if none of them works for you there are a number of combinations you can make at home and use. The most important ingredients being olive oil and sugar make sure the sugar is of a fine grain so that it doesn’t scratch ... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Aloevera – Fictions or Facts?

Benefits of Aloevera – Fictions or Facts? Aloe Vera has become a very trendy herbal treatment these days. Lotions and creams that contain aloe vera have been used to treat minor scrapes and sun burns; and also to just moisturize dry skin. The early Egyptians used Aloe Vera for the same purposes. It ... Continue Reading →

How to do a Body Wrap

How to do a Body Wrap A full body wrap is a session at the spa which is nowadays getting incredibly popular. However, do you know how expensive it is? We know that to get a full body wrap done, you would have to spend a lot of money. But if you do it at home, it will cost you much less. Also, it is ... Continue Reading →

Foot Care Tips For Rainy Seasons

 Foot Care Tips For  Rainy Seasons The rainy season brings a lot of rain and can help to cool down the temperature but it also brings mud and water logging. This mostly affects our feet, there are a few ways to keep your feet clean and healthy during the monsoons. You can take good care of your feet ... Continue Reading →