Tips on Carrying off Bright Lipsticks

image: © Valua Vitaly / Ftolia

image: © Valua Vitaly / Ftolia

Tips on Carrying off Bright Lipsticks

Picture this: you’re wearing a fantastic, bond shade of lipstick, and everyone is staring at you… but not in admiration but in horror.

You might not know it, but we have a fantastic selection of bright colors of lipsticks on offer, which you can wear, but with a bit of care before and after wearing.

So lets see how you can really make your face look beautiful and bright with a lipstick and not look awkward.

  • Check compatibility with skin color and face type – this means, your facial color should be compatible with the lipstick you are wearing.

If you have a fair face with pinkish tones, pink and purple tinged colors are bound to look better on you. If your skin tone is on the yellow side, then it is the opposite end of the spectrum – dark reds with yellow and orange tones would look brilliant on you.

  • Make a pale comparison- there are certain shades which needs to be worn carefully.

I have often checked certain colors against my skin tone and they look fine in general, but wash me out in pictures. So, check before you buy – is your lipstick too pale for your skin? This is especially important when it comes to bright pink, fuchsia, orange or peach shades.

  • Make yourself photo-perfect – if you are going to be photographed, take a few pictures of you wearing the lipstick beforehand to make sure your skin and face looks perfect when you wear the lipstick.

Otherwise you might look terrible in photos although you look alright in general after wearing the lipstick.

These are easy tips to carry off bright colors on your skin. You would love the way the colors will complement you if you remember them, and you would look amazing too!


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