Tips for Caring for Your Dry Skin

 image: © Valua Vitaly / Fotolia

image: © Valua Vitaly / Fotolia

Tips for Caring for Your Dry Skin

If you have dry skin and you don’t know how to take care of it properly, that is a bad thing.

It will lead to all sorts of problems later in life, so here are a few tips of how to care for your dry skin.

You will need an exfoliating scrub, a face pack that is hydrating and moisturizer.

First off, you will need to find a good face was as well. Try to find something that doesn’t dry your skin out even more than it already is.

You can either find one on the market or make one.

You will need to wash your face before you can do anything else. Then you should exfoliate using a good face scrub, again you can buy one or you can make one.

You can use just some lemon juice and mix it with sea salt and apply it, scrubbing gently as to avoid scratching the skin, as the salt may be slightly rough. You can also mix lime juice, sea salt and the white yolk of an egg.

This step should be followed by putting on a face mask which will hydrate your skin. You can use a store bought one, or you can make one. The following is a good one you just need to mix a bit of flour, olive oil, and some honey.

When you are done mixing it merely put it on your face and then you can leave it for 20-30 minutes and then wash it off. The last, and one of the most important steps, is to put on a nice light moisturizer. Make sure that the moisturizer doesn’t make your skin too oily, or it is not too heavy.

All in all, make sure your skin is well nourished without being too oily.


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