Tips for Better Skin

Tips for Better Skin If you are thinking of the reasons why your skin is not doing too great, then you might start looking at yourself rather than outside. There are many reasons why your skin might not be doing too good, and you will have to check with our top five to see where you might be going wrong. Drink ... Continue Reading →

How to Choose the Right Heels for Comfort

How to Choose the Right Heels for Comfort We all love shoe shopping and heels are one of my favorite things to wear. How would you love it if you are asked to wear them all the time? Well, many of us won’t because they think heels make their feet painful and many are afraid of wearing them. We have ... Continue Reading →

Lip Balm Colors for Teenagers

Lip Balm Colors for Teenagers As a teenager you are probably just starting to experiment with make-up, or have been wearing it for some time, depending on what your parents have allowed. But I’m sure you have been allowed to use lip balms before, but you probably have wondered which ones are good ... Continue Reading →

How to wear red lipstick

How to wear red lipstick If you are like me, you will have wondered exactly how red lipstick will look on you, and will it suit you at all? And if it does, how do you apply it properly so it looks good and not tacky? There are a few things you will need before you can proceed. You need a soothing scrub, ... Continue Reading →

Trendy Shoe Colors in Summer 2013

Trendy Shoe Colors in Summer 2013 For those of you who want to follow the latest trend, know this- the summer season this year is all about being feminine and celebrating color. This season, more than a particular kind of shoe, colors are being celebrated. You would love the way some colors are actually ... Continue Reading →
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