Making Your Own Style Statement

image: © oxilixo / Fotolia

image: © oxilixo / Fotolia

Making Your Own Style Statement

As a child you didn’t have to worry about what you wore, because your parents normally chose your clothes for you, but as you grew up you had to have started thinking,

what are my parents dressing me, and that’s part of the process to start buying your own clothes and what you will wear and how you will make a statement.

Here is what you can do, you can choose pieces that you can mix and match, ones that are unique and stand out.

Also, find something that is you that resembles you and you just must have! To start a better wardrobe today, follow these easy steps.

Get a few simple dress pants, skirts, and jeans. Find a few dress shirts, casual shirts, plain t-shirts. Get shirts that you can layer. Tops, both short and long, can be matched with anything, skirts, pants, leggings, capris, and they are really versatile.

Always try the clothes on before you buy them, since ill-fitting clothes will do nothing for your style statement. If you are unsure if you look good in something, ask a friend who will always give you his/her unaltered advice.

The best thing to do is buy a few expensive items that will last a good while, and then buy a few things that are a bit less costly, and when they are worn out you can interchange them with new items.

Also, don’t think just about clothes, think about your jewelry! Jewelry can make or break an outfit. There are amazing earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to be found these days. Buy a lot and mix and match them based on your desire.

You can do so much with a simple piece of jewelry, always be on a look out for a new piece to add to your collection. That way, you can change a boring outfit to something funky overnight.


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