How To Take Care of Dry and Splitting Nails

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image: © gitusik /

How To Take Care of  Dry and Splitting Nails

If your nails are really dry and split easily, here are a few simple homemade masks to help them to be softer and stop splitting so easily. The masks can be made from simple ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

Heat up enough olive oil for your nails, until the oil is warm to your touch, add a few drops of lemon juice and mix well.

Soak your hands and nails for 10 minutes and then put on some gloves (rubber would be best since it won’t absorb all the oil, but make sure you try to get the ones that don’t have the powder inside) and leave them on for 20 minutes.

If you want better results you can leave the gloves on overnight and rinse your hands off in the morning. You can also take some pierced capsules of vitamin E and apply them to your nails. Apply a few drops to each nail and gently massage it in. This should be done nightly.

You don’t want to wash the oil or vitamin E off if you can handle it, seeing as how they will both leave a sticky residue. But if you leave them on they will be able to moisturize and give them some extra care, as long as you leave on the oil. Also, while you are applying them, make sure you give special attention to your cuticles and rub some on them.

Another simple thing to do is to simply rub in a good moisturizing lotion on to the nails. Make sure you put a bit extra on because then the lotion can sit and soak into the nails and moisturize them even more. You can also use some petroleum jelly, and apply it the same way to also help your nails become soft.


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