How to do a Pedicure at Home

image: © Dmitrijs Gerciks / Fotolia

image: © Dmitrijs Gerciks / Fotolia

How to do a Pedicure at Home

Pedicures are so soothing and relaxing. However, how many of us have the luxury of going to a spa and spending a lot of money on them? Here we have a way to do a simple pedicure.

All you need is a nail filer and clipper, some nail polish remover and cotton pads, a towel, hot water, a basin or bucket to dip your foot in, shampoo, a scrub or pumice stone, some body wash, moisturizer or foot cream, and some nail polish if you want.

You can also use a good quality body polish or mask, but it is optional.

Firstly, clean your nails by removing all old nail polish from them if you wear it with the remover and cotton pad. Once you have done that, clip your toenails and file them.

Take enough hot water in a basin or bucket, making sure that water does not slosh when you insert your foot in it. Add a bit of shampoo and gently work up some foam. Now slowly immerse your feet in the hot water.

Let your feet soak for 10-15 minutes, or whatever time you feel is comfortable. Then, with more soap and a scrub or pumice stone, take each feet out of the water and scrub well.

Make sure you also scrub under the nails and in the corner of the feet. Once you are done, re-immerse the foot in water. Repeat with the other foot. At this point you can use a foot mask to further clean your feet.

Then take your feet out of the water. Towel your feet dry. Once they are dry, apply moisturizer or foot cream. You can also reapply nail polish if you want. Thus, your simple pedicure is done, and your feet definitely looks much better now.


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