How to Deal with Sweating

image: © mast3r / Fotolia

image: © mast3r / Fotolia

How to Deal with Sweating

The temperature is soaring and the sun is scorching, and you can feel the sweat running in a steady stream down your back, your front and all you want to do is escape the heat, and you don’t know how to do that, here are some easy pointers.

First of all, take a shower! Shower as many times as you need to during the day to keep cool, provided you have the water to do so.

While you are in the shower get your hair wet, since your head is where the most heat comes out of your body, so it will help you to cool down much faster.

Use a nice soap, and wash yourself well, scrubbing your skin. A good scrub helps skin breathe more easily and that reduces the body heat that induces sweating.

Second, wear light clothes in light fabrics that can breathe. Wear shirts with no sleeves, and shorts. If you are going outside, try to wear light colored clothes that won’t absorb so much sun, darker colors tend to absorb more and will make you hotter.

Avoid wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts in the heat; instead wear capris or palazzo pants, and short sleeve shirts. Try to avoid wearing layers, if that shirt you are wearing is a bit see through, try to switch it for another shirt, or wear a light-weight shirt underneath to help soak up the sweat.

You can also get wet wipes to wipe yourself down and wipe away the buildup of the sweat and the salt combination. You can also get a small, or bigger, stand fan to put in your room or any room of the house and sit in front of it, you will get plenty of air.

Before you go to bed, in order to not wake up soaked in sweat, put on some talcum powder, it will help to absorb the sweat during the night.


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