How to Choose the Right Heels for Comfort

image: © alexandre zveiger / Fotolia

image: © alexandre zveiger / Fotolia

How to Choose the Right Heels for Comfort

We all love shoe shopping and heels are one of my favorite things to wear. How would you love it if you are asked to wear them all the time?

Well, many of us won’t because they think heels make their feet painful and many are afraid of wearing them. We have a few things to say about those who would like to wear a pair of heels and not feel uncomfortable wearing them.

  1. Stiletto heels are not always killers. A friend of mine used to wear these killer stiletto heels all the time at her work, and she used to work in a high profile shop where she would stand all through the day.

But she would never complain about her shoes or if they were painful. One day, when I asked her if her shoes were hurting her, she told me that they did not. She wore a pair which were very comfortable, and had a lovely, soft lining around the insoles which made wearing them a joy.

2. Wedges are your best friend. If you want to look tall but do not want to fall flat on your face, try wedge heels. They have a great grip and can be worn easily.

We have tried a number of good wedge heels over the years and they win every time someone wants to wear tall heels which would be comfortable. Try these for a change.

3. Kitten heels are great for beginners. If you are starting off in the heel-wearing bit, and you want to look slightly taller, comfortable kitten heels are the way to go. They give you just a hint of extra and define your posture well.

So these are some simple tips on choosing a pair of great heels which would be sexy and comfortable.


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