Easy Tips for Maintaining Curly Hair

image: © Victoria Andreas / Fotolia

image: © Victoria Andreas / Fotolia

Easy Tips for Maintaining Curly Hair

You have very curly hair, that is wild and you are at the end of your rope with how to deal with it and keep it from having a life of its own? Here’s our set of easy treatment method to deal with your unruly curls!

First of all, find yourself a good shampoo and conditioner, ones that will not weigh down your hair and won’t dry it out too much.

You might also find a leave-in conditioner, if the one you use after washing your hair doesn’t do much for you.

Also, find yourself a good brush, one that will be able to brush through the hair and get all the knots and tangles out that I’m sure that you will find.

The harder the bristle the better, try to avoid the softer bristles as they will bend when brushing. Brush your hair directly when you get out of the shower and let it air day, preferably while it’s down.

If you wish to use a hair dryer to dry your hair, use an infuser so that it won’t cause your hair to have a lot of extra volume.

In order to keep the curls from frizzing out, use a light gel or hair pomade. Apply it while you turn your head over and apply it to all of the hair, but not the roots.

Make sure you don’t put too much gel in or your hair will get all hard and crunchy like. Mousse is another good alternative if you don’t like the feeling that gel gives.

Also, make sure that you go to a salon to get your hair cut, make sure you find someone who knows how to cut curly hair properly since it is a bit harder to get it done properly by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

Avoid using rubber bands and hair bands that have the metal clasps as they have a tendency to catch the hair and break it, using barrettes and bobby pins are the best way to keep your curly hair from running away!


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