Do Sodas Affect My Skin and Body?

image: © bakerjim / Fotolia

image: © bakerjim / Fotolia

Do Sodas Affect My Skin and Body?

You are outside and you are feeling hot and you want something cold to cool down. Your choices are limited – it has to a soda, juice or water.

Think about the bad effects of aerated drinks on your skin and body before you choose one over the others. There is a lot of sugar in aerated drinks and that can cause a lot of problems.

You will gain a lot of weight if you drink the drinks without any thought and if you don’t exercise to keep up with the effects. Drinking sodas also affect your teeth, especially if you don’t brush your teeth immediately after drinking it.

That is because of the strong amount of acid present in the sodas. The acidity in the drinks can wear away the enamel on your teeth, thus leaving your teeth unprotected and very sensitive to cold and other temperatures, and thus can lead to getting more cavities and can cause pain.

Also, the acidity can wear away the stomach lining if you drink too much, therefore leaving you with a stomach problem that could lead to ulcers and many other painful problems.

Sodas affect your skin badly. They carry preservatives which can result in your skin breaking out. Also, sodas add a lot of unnecessary acids to your body.

That can lead into your body’s pH balance being disrupted, and your skin shows the harmful effects in the form of pigmentation and acne.

They can also dehydrate you extremely fast, and if you are drinking a lot, you will need to make sure you drink enough water to counteract it. Make sure for every glass of soda you drink, you should have at least another 2-3 glasses of water, and on hot days, stick to water rather than sodas.


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