Beach Garb Ideas for Women

image: Valua Vitaly /  Fotolia

image: Valua Vitaly / Fotolia

Beach Garb Ideas for Women

The summer is here, and if you’re lucky you can spend some of the time at the beach. Whether it’s swimming or sun bathing, the beach is the place to be.

Make sure you have a swim suit that fits you properly, one that is not too tight and not too loose on you, as you don’t want to fall out of it while you are swimming or diving.

You can go for a maillot, a bikini, monokini or a tankini, whichever fits your style. If you are uncomfortable walking around in just your swim suit you can buy a few extra things to help cover you up.

Sarongs, shorts, or short skirts, and even your towel, are wonderful for covering up and can be useful for warming yourself up after swimming. Wear a simple tee shirt or tank top if needed.

A towel is going to be the most important piece of clothing you will bring. It can also be used as a blanket of sorts to lie down on, and to dry yourself off and warm you up. Also, you can use it to shade yourself from the sun if it gets to be too much.

You can also put it on your seat in the car to prevent the seat from getting completely wet if you haven’t had the chance to completely dry out.

If you need, bring a swimming cap, nose plug, and any other swimming items you wish. If you like to snorkel make sure you bring a mask and your snorkel. Sunscreen is also required.

If you don’t want to be red like a lobster, make sure you are applying this regularly. If you don’t have a water proof one, make sure you apply it after you come out of the water, and if you have a water proof one that you are applying it every few hours.


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